Thursday, January 2, 2014

Create a Project List: January Cure

Happy 2014 everyone!

I don't make new year resolutions. It's just never been my thing. However, I would really like to continue to work on my "housekeeping" skills in this upcoming year. This is includes everything from the small, should-be-daily tasks, to larger house projects that will help us get out of this house sooner, rather than later. 

Apartment Therapy does a "January Cure" every year & I'm going with it this year. Every day there is a new task to help you clean or organize a piece of  your home until the last day of the month where you can relax because you accomplished something. I don't really want to get too enthusiastic & say that the something will be extravagant but let's face it, I'm okay with it turning out to just be something. Hey, if I only end up with a swept floor -- I will be happy. This is exactly what I need right now though. I need a little inspiration to keep me going. My honey-do list is unbelievable & actually quite embarrassing but maybe some public admittance will help kick my butt into gear. Keep in mind that this is everything from the big to the small; from the realistic to the dream. & I always list the larger, more expensive tasks last in each area. I'm pretty sure that they are wanting a list of cleaning type things in each room & maybe some very minor fixes but I need to get it all out there. Big & small. Because I love lists. & I love crossing things off of them even more.

So here's to a new year & this list being the start of being on our way to a new house! ...eventually.

Scrape front porch of red paint
Wash all exterior windows
Rake & bag leaves
Remove excess cables from exterior brick
Remove all 3 flower beds in the backyard (under window/garage/random) & level dirt
Clean out "the lady bird hole"
Fill in above mentioned hole crater with dirt
Seed front & back yards
Fill in west-side yard with weed blocker & rocks
Cut down rose bushes on east side
Clean gutters
Trim up all trees
Re-caulk (with clear) all windows & doors
Paint all outside trim
Replace mailbox
Power wash entire house
Re-mortar bricks as needed/possibly paint exterior brick (Preston?)
Put piers under house - new quote needed
Replace roof
Replace fence

Dining Room:
Add a table runner
Organize & cover the "cubbies" under the picture window
Paint blue wall to match remaining walls
Replace light fixture
Sand all woodwork (baseboards/window seat)
Paint all woodwork semi-gloss white
Add 1-2 more stools at counter

Living Room:
Swap surge-protectors & organize cables in my new CableBox! (I'm a dork.)
Add key holders above entry table - like this
Add hanging coat rack behind front door - like this
Rug pad replacement
Frost front door
Replace recessed light bulb
Refinish coffee table ($30 craigslist find!)
Sand all woodwork (baseboards/mantel/doors)
Paint all woodwork
Paint fireplace
Patch plaster cracks?
Patch holes above fireplace & paint grey to match walls
Replace curtains (1 panel is missing at the moment. IKEA no longer sells what we have.)
Bring record player inside from garage to use as sofa table - buy & attach hairpin legs
Remove gas insert – make sure gas line is capped off & fill with logs
Find a mid-century credenza like so, but for significantly less & preferably somewhere local

Clean the back door + dog door
Organize cleaning supplies under the sink
Find a better solution for pantry & organization
Find a better solution/set-up for the built in desk (it feels like wasted cluttered space)
Replace all dishes & cups to match
Paint kitchen a lighter color
Replace all 3 light fixtures
Replace knobs & hinges with a lighter color
Figure out something with kitchen back-splash (paintable?)
Replace stove to match surrounding appliances
Replace counter-tops (concrete overlay?)


Organize/purge cabinets + give them a good inside cleaning
Properly replace handles on drawers
Touch-up ceiling paint

Frost window & remove curtain
Replace burnt out bulbs
Caulk around bathtub
Re-tile shower
Refinish bathtub?

North Bedroom:
Remove everything that's not used (old stools, boxes, etc.)
Replace ceiling fan (water damaged)
Refinish Audrie's bookcase
Put up blinds
Fix paint on both doors (chipped/peeling)
Move bikes to garage or get a rack like this
Come up with guest bed solution

South Bedroom:
Replace blinds
Drywall ceiling (plaster is cracking)

Give all baseboards a nice cleaning
Spackle holes in walls throughout house & remove old anchors
Caulk all crown molding & fix separation cracks
Refinish hardwood floors
Get rid of those squirrels!! (2 of these in the attic & they don't care!! Time to call a professional.)

DAMMIT. This is worse than I thought. & you can guarantee I'm missing a few. I hope to slowly work on this way past January & continue it all year long. Some of these things I have begun in some form, even if it's just buying some supplies. Now do you all see why my house make me anxious?

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