Friday, January 10, 2014

My Kitchen: January Cure

There are so many things that I strongly dislike about my kitchen.
Some things I knew the day I bought it but most things have been proven the longer I live in it.
The problems go way beyond the cosmetics of it & reach to the efficiency & flow.
The worst thing you can have in a kitchen is inefficiency, 
especially when you actually use your kitchen for cooking like we do.
Like the fact that the "pantry" is on the floor.
So this is my mission for the January Cure.
My main focus is going to be cleaning out cabinets & purging, purging, purging.
I want to try & downsize enough so that I can find a better solution for the pantry.
It would be so nice for it to be in an upper cabinet but when you only have 2 uppers, your options are pretty limited. The very top cabinets that you can see in the pictures aren't used for much of anything considering it takes climbing on top of the counters a step-stool to reach them. Actually, I don't even know what's in there.
We have so many dishes that their sole purpose is to collect dust. 
I mean, we have 3 shelves entirely full of CUPS & 1 entire shelf of coffee mugs.
These pictures are after I had already set up my outbox on Day 4 & put an entire shelf of glasses in it.
There are also bar stools & a toaster in that outbox. I am really interested to see how that thing grows through the month of January.
This weekends assignment is to clean the heck out of the kitchen anyway so I'm happy to have a little jump start in getting it all done. It's time to pull everything out of there.
Eventually I will replace ALL of our plates & glasses to match. Right now we have two different sets of dishes & about 6 different kinds of glasses. How many cups & mugs do 2 people need anyhow?

Day 2/1st weekend project of the Cure was fresh flowers & floors.
Well... I got the flowers. The floors? Well, they're still dirty.
There is something so refreshing about having fresh flowers in my home.
It's something that I've NEVER taken the time to do so I'm very pleased that this challenge is making me.
So far, the rest of the weeks tasks have been easy & painless.
Yesterday was to get a piece of artwork ready to frame & hang up later in the month & I already knew exactly what that would be. The wooden frame below has just been waiting for my current cross-stitch project so now I just need to make sure it's ready to frame by the 28th!
Will anyone else be spending their weekend cleaning their kitchen?

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