Monday, February 17, 2014

Valentine Dogs

My house got dirtier & my body got heavier but it was worth getting away for a long weekend in Tulsa... I think. Ask me again at the end of the month when we do our weight & measurement check-ins. Damn you, pizza & burgers!! 

Sometimes it just feels good to not do much of anything somewhere else that's not home, so that's what we did. To prove it to you, here are the only pictures I took:
I am happy to announce that Peggy has also proven to be a wonderful little traveler, which is kind of a must in our family. According to what I overheard on the elevator, normal people don't take their dogs with them out of town for Valentine's Day. Good thing I've never claimed to be normal.

We did do a little furniture browsing on Saturday & saw a few pretty cool shops. Ryan finished the night at a concert while I soaked up 3.5 hours of Sex & the City with very cuddly dogs.

Now onto my next weekend trip this weekend to Texas. No dogs or husbands are coming along so I'll have to spare you a post without their cute faces & come up with something else to talk about.

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day even though we don't really acknowledge the holiday around our house!

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