Thursday, November 3, 2016

growing up, moving on

something changed this year. i don't know why & i can't pinpoint exactly when but i started to appreciate the house i live in & decided to document my love/hate relationship with it. it feels like too hard of work to not show it to someone besides myself.

so. if you're interested to see what i'm up to, you can follow along at

i thoroughly enjoyed the years i spent blogging little snippets of my personal life as bear + deer. somewhere along the way this space no longer felt like me which is why i stopped. i won't let that happen again.

** warning: in the name of happiness, i decided to stop "hiding" who i was this year & because of that, my new blog speaks how i speak (i.e. vulgar - if you couldn't tell by the name alone) so if you have difficulties with hearing someone use the f-word, it's probably not the place for you & that's cool.

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  1. Change is the only constant in life, that is what life is all about.