Friday, January 31, 2014

Piggy Pegs

It was time we all had a little more estrogen in the house so I've been browsing rescues & shelters for a couple of weeks to see if anything caught my eye. I was set on female pit, under 1 year or older than 5. Last Sunday came around & we decide to go look at the OK Animal Shelter at the dogs we had favorited online. The shelter is probably what my own individual hell looks like. I could sit in there & cry with those dogs for days. The sadness that fills the adoption rooms is overwhelming for me. It's so loud that you can't think for yourself & forget about trying to actually talk & be heard. I am generally found covering my ears & yelling apologies at all of the dogs I don't pick to look at. All of those dogs just fighting for attention so that they can be taken home & loved is almost too much for me but I do it anyway. I know it's worth it if we end up saving one. We took all of the dogs that we liked online out one by one & played with them for a little bit, hoping for a connection. Some of them we knew weren't right immediately & others we desperately wanted to be the one but knew that they weren't.

We were putting the last dog away when I spotted this pretty girl with red eyes laying on her bed & not making a noise. Her card said "Peggy. 3 years old. Good with dogs and people of all sizes". We also found out that she was pregnant when they picked her up & had puppies shortly after in mid-December. We thought it was worth a shot so we took her out of her kennel & into a private room. This is the face that looked back at is:
She was sweet immediately. She obviously wanted to show us a lot of affection but was also very timid so she just kept leaning against our legs. I can't describe what it is but we both thought the same thing; she was just like Ollie in pit bull form & her name was a sign (King of the Hill reference for anyone that watches that). Her mannerisms are so starkly similar  to Ollie that it brings me to tears at times & I'm overwhelmed with how wonderful she's fit into every aspect of our lives. She favors her dad, nuzzles her nose in the cracks of the couch & loves the other dogs like she's always known them. Even Comet, who hates the world & is very protective of Hank, loves her dearly. So thank you Peggy; for managing to rescue me just as I rescued you. 
Welcome home Peggy aka Piggy aka Mama. Please stay forever.

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  1. She looks like a great addition to your family. I can't even imagine going to the animal shelter. I would be a basket case...and end up taking too many home!