Monday, January 27, 2014

Turtle Pace: January Cure

My cure is at a standstill. I have made very little progress in the last week but do you know what? My kitchen is still clean. That earns me at least 5 gold stars. Not only has it remained clean but it's also gotten more use in the past week than it's gotten in a long time. I've gotten in the habit of actually cleaning it while I go or spending a couple minutes before bed loading the dishwasher & clearing the counters. Is this what being a real adult feels like?

Tasks #1-8 happened so fast & with so much excitement that I ran out of fuel but I have managed to do a few of the tasks assigned.

#9. Create a Landing Strip. That is somewhat of a tough one when your front door enters right into the middle of your living room. I am already good about sorting the little mail we receive on a daily basis. I have a mail sorter on our built-in desk in the kitchen that I use to hold mail awaiting filing. I took this time as an opportunity to spring for the coat rack & key hanger I've been eyeing. I can't have too many animals in my house can I? You'll just have to look past that lovely front door. I started sanding it weeks ago & well. I didn't get far.
#'s 11 (work on main project) & 14 (cord clutter) were already done so I took those as days to do absolutely nothing.

The last two weekend projects of #'s 12 (bedroom deep clean) & #17 (living room deep clean) I just completely blew off. I had all weekend to do them & just opted right out of it. But my kitchen is clean so that makes up for it. I'll have you know that I do regret my decision. 

#'s 13 (file paperwork) & 15 (clean medicine cabinets) I plan on completing & they won't be hard tasks to do but..... I could catch up on the shows on DVR instead. That's what my body is telling me anyway.

I actually did do #16 because I am always willing to get rid of crap. They challenged people to get rid of 10 "media" items, whether it be books, movies or .music. Ryan thought that sounded crazy but I ended up at least doubling that number just between books & movies. Going through CD's is on my to-do list but it'll be a bigger task so I decided not to mess with it that evening.

Tonight's task (#18) is a "catch-up" day that I could spend completing one of the ones I missed but the first half of the evening will be spent at the vets & the rest of the time I'll be trying to get rid of this headache.

I may have started to slack off & things are moving at an extremely slow pace but do you know what? I haven't given up & I've gotten to mark 7 things off of my huge project list & that feels awesome.

So, how is your home going? Am I the only one that struggles with keeping it clean all of the time?

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